Boskoops Home Brewery (Boskoopse Huis Brouwerij)

A non-commercial hobby brewery in Boskoop, in the green centre of The Netherlands, where there is plenty of water to convert into tasty beer.

Hans Schwirtz brews the beers in the kitchen and living room, under the smoke of Dutch largest brewery, yes the one with the red star. With nowhere the professional equipment of this brewery, per batch about 20 liters of traditional hand-crafted beer is brewed, based on own recipes. Not for sale, but purely for own consumption.

What else would give more pleasure than to drink your own beer, together with other beer lovers, with as excuse to improve the next batch? Or just to enjoy a good beer!

Hans is a BKG-licensed beer judge since 2022.

Boskoopse Huis Brouwerij   Boskoopse Huis Brouwerij