Boskoopse Huis Brouwerij's favourit links - Beer Consumer Foundation PINT. Membership 22,-- per year and you will receive 6x PINT Magazine at home. - A brewing shop in Almere, your own brew-supermarket; worth a visit! - BrewUK has a very extensive assortment hops and other brewing ingrredients and hardware - The Dutch site for hobby brewing - A fantastic Dutch forum for hobby brewers (also an English section) - Mijn Zwager en Ik (Jeroen en Gerard) organise a beer tasting evening every 2nd Tuesday of the month. A perfect spot to meet other beer lovers and... to taste some great beers - Brouwhulp, a very good Dutch program for the hobby brewer. - Untappd, the online meeting place for beer lovers; share your beers with your friends! - BrewStatus, online SG/T-monitoring of your brew (Tilt)

Boskoopse Huis Brouwerij